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Monday, 10 December, 2018 - 14:56 (UK)  

..:: Fun & Games - Bananalotto

BananaLotto LogoBananalotto is the UK's longest running free online lottery service. That's right FREE! You dont have to pay anythign to play and you could win up to £100,000. And even if you dont match all 6 numbers plus the bonus ball, and just match one number each day, there are opportunities to win something for your efforts. With chances to play again every day all it takes is 5 minutes of your time and you could be a winner along with millions of other people who play Bananalotto and have won!

Playing is easy, simply visit and on your first visit you will need to register your details (don't worry about SPAM I've never received any from registering with bananalotto.) Draws are made at 5:30pm every day and each day you get two chances to win. That's two chances to win each day and 365 days a year. That's 730 chances to win with bananalotto each year all for taking 5 minutes each day to play! No catch , you can play as often or as little as you want there is no limit on how little you can play. But I assure you, you will soon become addicted!!

Similar to the National Lottery, the Bananalotto lottery is based on selecting 6 numbers plus a bonus ball. Prizes are as follows:

  • 1 – 10 BananaPoints
  • 2 - £0.50 CD Wow voucher
  • 3 - Fitness first voucher
  • 4 – 100 BananaPoints
  • 5 - £50 and 250 BananaPoints
  • 6 - £10,000
  • 6 + bonus ball - £100,000

Note: Bananapoints can be used against additional prize draws which are drawn monthly!


Once you've finished playing your two lotteries per day you can continue to play other games on bananalotto. BananaTombola and BananaScratch which give you even more chances to win!...

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