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Monday, 10 December, 2018 - 14:55 (UK)  

..:: Fun & Games - Daily Draw

The Daily Draw LogoThe Daily Draw, much like Bananalotto, is a free online lottery service. Yep free to play and you can win money! What more is there to say. Well unlike Bananalotto, if you match all 7 number with The Daily Draw you can win £1,000,000. That's one MILLION pounds! For 5 minutes of your time each day. Can't say fairer than that..

Playing is really easy. Simply head over to the Daily Draw website and register your details, then simply start playing. And when you've done that, go back the next day and play again... and again... and again..In fact you can play twice a day! For Free!

Although the Daily Draw doesn't give out prizes for matching 1, 2 or 3 numbers, the overall value of the prizes is very high for matching more numbers.

  • 1 - No Win
  • 2 - No Win
  • 3 - No Win
  • 4 - £1 CD-Wow voucher
  • 5 - £100
  • 6 - £5,000
  • 7 - £1,000,000!!

To date The Daily Draw has paid out over £1,750,000 to winners!

It doesn't stop there. The Daily Draw also lets you play a lottery extra with even more chances to win! WIth the extra lottery (which you can play right after each main lottery) you pick 5 numbers from 49 and it's a jackpot only win. So you will need to match all five numbers. There is no set jackpot amount, instead it's a continual roll-over and the money just keeps increasing and increasing until someone wins! Again the daily draw extra lottery is Free to play twice a day!

There is no catch, the reason The Daily Draw is free to play is because in order to play you must click on a advertising banner of your choice when submitting your numbers. But that's not too much to ask, you may just find something you've been looking for. Also the adverts are tailored to your interests, from time to time the daily draw will ask you on the site to answer a simple question about yourself, this is simply used to give you more suitable adverts to click on!...

Visit The Daily Draw now


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