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Thursday, 21 February, 2019 - 04:20 (UK)  

..:: Lost (SatNav)

This page is all about a sort of game I discovered while sitting bored one afternoon. At the time I had recently got myself a SatNav device (TomTom Mobile) for my Nokia 6680. While trying to decided how to test the sat nav and give it a trial run I came up with the idea of getting lost. No nothing to do with abc's Cult TV show Lost but more the old fashioned getting lost.

Ok, So how does this work. Well the idea is simple. First off you need a satnav system of some sort, shouldn't matter what type/model. Secondly you will need a spare couple of hours some afternoon. Doesn't have to be 2 hours but I say that just a a guide. The third thing you'll need is some sort of transport. Personally I recommend a car of a motorbike. I guess you could use a bicycle or you own left and right feet. But that's not going to be much fun. For reasons that will become obvious I don't recommend using public transport.

Right, not were prepared how to we play. Well really the idea is simple. Get lost! Keep your SatNav device switched off, and make sure you have plenty of fuel for the journey. Go out in your chosen form of transport and head in one direction away from your home. Doesn't really matter what direction as long as it doesn't end up at a dead end, like the sea.. Try to pick a direction away from your home that you are unfamiliar with (remember the idea is to get lost). Also DO NOT follow any major roads. Keep to really twisty B roads at most. Unclassified roads are a bonus. Try to keep heading the same direction, so as not to go round in circles and the idea is to keep going until you feel like you lost (If looking for a timescale say 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs if following the 2 hr game time). The idea is to end up somewhere, where you haven't got a clue where you are. I.e. LOST!

Then Switch on the SatNav. Hopefully the service will pick up your location and take you home. Yeah yeah I know at this point it sounds a bit boring. But let's put it this way.. YOu've managed to waste a few hours on a afternoon where you weren't going to be doing anything anyway. You wasted a load of fuel driving around the countryside. But on the plus side, you've probably found some nice scenery to drive past (optional extra is a camera to take photos on-route). If your something of a driving enthusiast you've probably also found some nice to roads to drive on that you never knew existed. Finally you can got back home with eh satisfaction that your SatNav system is working properly!


Disclaimer: I will not be held liable to anyone who really does end up getting truly lost by following this. Always make sure you have plenty of fuel for the journey, Always make sure your SatNav has plenty of power. Remember to take a mobile phone with you, again make sure it's got plenty of battery life. As a final piece of advice. Drive Safely and always obey the traffic laws!...


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