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Monday, 10 December, 2018 - 15:54 (UK)  

..:: Fun & Games - SuDoku

..:: Play the Daily SuDoku Game

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..:: How To Play SuDoku

As you have probably seen already SuDoku is played on a 9 by 9 grid of squares as shown below:

Sudoku 9x9 grid

The SuDoku 9 by 9 grid is split up into 9 separate grids 3 by 3 squares. These smaller grids (3 by 3) are known as "regions". The image below highlights a single region on a sudoku grid :

Sudoku grid - highlighted region


Ok, now you know about the SuDoku playing field what about the rules. First off a SuDoku grid is never left empty, that would be far too easy. Instead you will find partially filled sudoku grid like the one shown below:

Sukoku grid - partially filled

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..:: The Rules of SuDoku

The idea of SuDoku is to fill in all the cells with numbers between 1 and 9. Sounds easy, but there are certain rules that need to be followed:

1. In each region (3 by 3 grid) a number can only appear once, no duplicates:

Sudoku - Valid Region


Sudoku - Invalid Region

(5 appears twice)


2. In each Row a number can only appear once, no duplicates:

Sudoku - Valid Row
INVALID (5 appears twice)
Sudoku - Invalid Row


3. In each Column, yep you guessed it, a number can only appear once, no duplicates:

Sudoku - Valid Column


Sudoku - Invalid Column

(6 appears twice)


So to sum up. Fill the grid with the number 1 to 9 making sure a number can only appear once in each row, Column and Region... Simple!...

Play the Daily SuDoku Game


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