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..:: Granite City Rally 2008


Station garage Mitsubishi - Granite City Rally
!! Saturday 26th April 2008 !!

2008 Granite City Rally News

Please note : This is not the official website of the Granite City Rally. The official website can be found at


 2008 Event - Photo Gallery


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 2008 Event News


Update: 26th April 2007 - 21:43
Well it's been a long day... Left home at 8am and got back at 9pm.. Walked gawd knows how many miles up and down hills in Aberdeenshire and me legs are killing me! not to mention the blisters on my feet!.. (Note to self: remember to take proper footwear next time)

All in all a good day! Nice to see the Audi Quattro out again! Very nice machine! Weather was great! which was a bit of a surpise given the recent forecasts.

I've got a selection of photos from SS1, Servicing and SS6, but there may be a small delay in getting them uploaded here. Got a busy weekend and it may be into next week before I get them sorted out.. Sorry about that... But please check back over the next few days as they will appear!

If you've got any feedback about the Granite City Rally or this website please get in touch! Oh! and yeah I am aware of the problems getting stage details at a sensible time... Trust me that I put the details up as soon as I hear about them! The MSA have stuck their foot in this year and forced the organisors NOT to release stage details too early incase competitors go and do their own recce of the stages before hand! Grrr! I see their point, but it's not good for spectators!.. Sorry, not my doing...

Alan Addison,
Colin McRae MBE
R.I.P. 1968 - 2007


Update: 23rd April 2007 - 20:55
Finally some sort of clue about stage start times!! Sorry about the delay.. Seems difficult to get the stage details this year.. Grrr!

Anyway check out the stage times above for the details in order to plan your day! I hope to get some location maps thrown together in the next day or so incase you cant find the location for youself.

Alan Addison,
Colin McRae MBE
R.I.P. 1968 - 2007


Update: 9th April 2007 - 19:42
Well, better late than never... Finally got roudn to putting together this 2008 section of the site for the Granite City Rally. Here's hoping for some good weather unlike the recent batch of various conditions... Ok... Fair enough, it is Scotland!

Not much news for the moment but I've had word that the Organisers of the event are looking for wannabe marshals for this years event and future events. If you are interested in marshalling at this years Granite City Rally or perhaps want to get involved with marshalling at future Scottish Rally events then why not head along to the Rally Marshalls day on the 20th April (Full details here) Note: This website, is not reponsible for the Marshalls day, I'm simply advertising on behalf of the Aberdeen & District Motro club to ensure the event runs smoothly for everyone!


By the way.. if you want to give me any comments/feedback about this website or make a suggestion on how I can make the website better for spectators please get in touch! I'd like to do what I can to make things better for you! and I won't know how to do that unless you tell me what you'd like to see!

Alan Addison,
Colin McRae MBE
R.I.P. 1968 - 2007



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Colin McRae 1968 - 2007

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 The Granite City Rally 2008 - Stage Details


Stage Title Start Time
Up to 1600cc
Start Time
Over 1600cc
Start Altens Thistle Hotel (Location) 9:01 10:10
SS1 Blackhall (Location)
10:05 11:14
SS2 Fetteresso 1 (Location) 10:51 12:00
SS3 Drumtochty (Non Spectator Stage ) 12:13 13:22
Service Stracathro (Location) 13:39 14:48
SS4 Glenfarquhar (Location) 14:21 15:25
SS5 Fetteresso 2 (Location) 14:56 16:00
SS6 Durris (Location) 15:33 16:37
Finish Altens Thistle Hotel (Location) 16:05 17:09

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 The Granite City Rally 2008 - Final Results

Results compiled by

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