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..:: Speyside-Stages


About the Speyside Stages Rally
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!! Saturday 23rd April 2016 !!

Unfortunately due to recent changes in life, Marraige, House, Job etc... I haven't been able to cover the local events like I used too. But hopefully some day I can get back to it..

All is not lost! The Official SpeySide Stages website has had a good revamp in recent years and contains much better information than it did in the past when I was also covering the events as a spectating fan..

Also with modern technology you can keep track of the event live on facebook and twitter.

For the first time this year, with the help of students from the Moray College UHI you can watch / stream the first two stages at Cooper Park live online!...
                                              ...thats the plan anyway! Hope it works!

2016 Spectator Information:

Official Event Website:
Official Event Facebook:
Official Event Twitter:


..:: About the Speyside Stages Rally Event

The Speyside Stages Rally event was first introduced in 1997. Based in the heart of Morayshire, Scotland. The Speyside stages Rally filled the geographical space between the Snowman Rally (Inverness) and the Granite City Rally (Aberdeen). These two events used many of the forests in Morayshire. The first 1997 Speyside Stages event was closely monitored by the stewards of the Scottish rally Championship. Pleased with the success of the Speyside Stages, the Speyside Stages became a full championship event in 1998 making it an official round of the Scottish Rally Championship.


Today the Speyside Stages Rally event makes use of the many forests in the Moray area including Clashindarroch, Ordiequish, Rosarie, Teinland and Monaughty. What makes the Speyside Stages event unique compared to any other round of the Scottish Rally Championship is it's first two stages of the day. Since 1999 the first two stages have been held in Cooper Park in, the middle of Elgin town center. No other Scottish Rally event has a stage is held within a local town. For one day each year the Cooper Park in Elgin has it's bollards removed in order to allow the fearsome rally cars to race round for the first two stages of the Speyside Stages rally, before heading out to the forests for the rest of the day. If you plan on spectating at any event at the SpeySide Stages Rally, make sure you visit the Cooper Park stages at least once!

Over the years the Speyside Stages Rally has grown in popularity and often made or break the championship for the competitors with it's rough forest stages, even catching out the great Colin McRae in 2001 when he competed in the event in order to promote the Ford Puma Rally team. Colin is not the only key figure to support the Speyside Stages, Robbie Head (previous presenter of the WRC TV programs and previous Rally Driver) has competed on more than one occasion, most recently in 2005. However the most televised Speyside Stages event has to have been the Fifth Gear feature where Vicki Butler Henderson and Tiff Needell entered into the 2003 Speyside Stages event with a Peugeot 206, first time Vicki-Butler Henderson had ever driven a rally car, and the first time Tiff Needell had ever co-driven a rally car. Although I think he prefers the driving..

The next Speyside Stages event is scheduled for the 19th August 2006 Don't miss the 10th Anniversary of the Speyside-Stages! See you there!!!

My Speyside-Stages event diary NEXT >>

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 The UnOfficial Speyside-Stages discussion forum is now LIVE! Go there NOW!!



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