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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018 - 00:31 (UK)  

..:: 2010 Toyota/Subaru Coupe?

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Now that Toyota and Subaru have solidly tied the knot it's inevitable the two companies woudl design a car between them.. What we have here is somethign a little different. Not quite a P2 but thankfully not a MY08 either.. Seems a few toyota designers may have a say in this (Huge Celica fan here). Early indications suggest a an entry level 2 door coupe with RWD! and around the 220bhp mark. Meanwhile rumours of a more powerfule AWD 300bhp later on are also strong in our minds! Here's hoping.. What I'd really like to see is a nice coupe body combining the latest celica and the Prodrive P2 with the technological wizadry from the P2! That'd make one hell of a car!

Sadly, though.. It's all rumours... However it's almost certain there will be a coupe from the joint manufacturer, most likely Subaru Impreza Based but watch this space..

Subaru Coupe Photoshop from Auto Express (UK)

^^^ Ooh Err! I REALLY like the look of that!!! ^^^^



Winding Road Spyshots

Spy Shots of what looks like a shortened Subaru Legacy! Bit surprising but the legacy is a good car afterall!



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