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I first became aware of HTML in 1995. Since then I've always had an interest in the Internet and website design/programming. Although I picked up a few additional things along the way my skills were never really challenged until 2000 when I started on a large scale project to develop the site with Michael Cheney. Previously I had just been using HTML and Javascript for what were more or less static website's which rather time consuming to maintain for any site over about 3 or 4 pages in size. At the time It was clear this was not going to be enough as the site demanded dynamic content and a level of interactivity which could not be achieved using simple html and javascript. This is where PHP came in...



Why PHP?

At the time, I had three main choices for scripting languages:

  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP)
  • Coming form a mainly Java programming background made both JSP and PHP look most favourable as the syntax if very similar to what I was used to. But this was no reason not to learn ASP as I was going to have to learn PHP/JSP anyway. The main reason for not selecting ASP was because it is considered a Microsoft only language. Which means it can only really be used (not exclusively) on a Windows Microsoft server, whereas PHP and JSP could be run on just about any platform, particularly Linux/Apache set-up's.

    The decision between JSP and PHP was tough. However in the end I decided PHP was the better choice because it was more widespread. Also JSP was still in the early stages of development and there were a few reports regarding problems/bugs with JSP. Adding to this the server which was planned for the project did not have JSP support. So that more or less clinched the decision.

    Since teaching myself PHP five years ago I have used PHP in so many website's that I can develop just about any solution to any problem where PHP would be suitable. I am often asked to develop smaller snippets of code to add extra functionality to sites and I am happy to say "Yes I can do that!". I have also created my own base model for website design which is scalable to any size of website. A simple formula of PHP code means that I can put together any site of any size quickly and efficiently and design it around any graphics template without loosing any functionality and leaving the door open for further development on the platform! This base model has been used on many sites now and has never once let me down! It seems that every time the model is implemented there is at least one improvement made to make it even easier to implement and maintain a website.

    My web development (or what I like to call web programming) skills and experience were also used in connection with a web marketing company called magnet4web who are based in Aberdeen, Scotland and provide all sorts of marketing help to ensure your site is successful! Below you will find a collection of some of the sites which I have developed/been involved with. Select a website to read more about what was involved:

    Aberdeen Cladding and Windows
    BNI Aberdeen Alpha
    Broadband 4 Lhanbryde
    Broadband 4 Longmorn
    Fork Lift Truck Parts Co.


    MCC Strategy
    McRae Gathering
    Moray IAM
    Netherton Rural Business Centres

    Subaru Impreza Drivers Club (SIDC)
    Website Marketing Bible


    Reccomended sites:


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