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Saturday, 23 February, 2019 - 11:01 (UK)  

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magnet4web is the website which effectively replaces MCC-Strategy due to company re branding (which I also developed although I cannot take claim to the color scheme.. eugh!).

Although some of the content remains from the old site, the PHP code the site was re-written especially for this site. The reason for this is that magent4web is where much of my web development works comes through and it should be seen as a flagship for what the company can do. This meant that not only did the site have to remain clean and professional, the site has to also to be user friendly with little to no confusion, yet have enough complex dynamic/interactive sections for a visitor to explore. This has been the reason for some of the more bespoke sections of the site such as the site links directory and the articles content management service.

The magnet4web site has a few bells and whistles not yet found on any other site developed by me. All the usual stuff is there like the standard base platform written in PHP, contact forms, bookmark links and the odd feedback form here and there.

However looking deeper in the site there is a large scale site links directory which was written especially by me for magnet4web. The sites directory makes linking to other sited quick easy and virtually self maintaining. Instead of the more common page with a long list of hyperlinks, the site directory allows the links to be broken down into categories suitable for that particular site link. This means finding a link you are looking for is made easy!

Not only is the site directory good for the visitor but for the webmaster maintaining the directory is very simple with virtually no interaction required. - Site Links DirectoryWhen a user submits their site using the built in submission page which automatically checks for the existence of a link to the magnet4web site on the users own website, an email is sent to the magnet4web webmaster informing them that a user has submitted a new site. At this time the new site link is NOT added to the directory. Instead it is stored in a pool of sites awaiting authorisation by the webmaster. The webmaster simply checks their email, clicks on the accompanying hyperlink which either authorises or rejects the submission. Either way the user is notified automatically by email as to the destiny of their submission. A very quick, safe and efficient way to share links. It is hoped this method of site linking will be rolled out onto further sites, however for the moment is it still in development despite running happily on the magnet4web site.

The other part of bespoke development for magnet4web was a content management service to store and retrieve articles written my magnet4web. - magnet4web ArticlesThe content management system needed to be scalable up to any number and size of articles. Not only did each article need to be presented professionally, the webmaster needed to be able to add/remove/edit every article as an when required. Adding and editing articles has been made easy thanks to having different methods of submission. The webmaster can either edit the content directly in a HTML form or upload a file from their local computer and have the article presented on the site.

Although not currently enabled, as part of the development allowing the content management system to be scalable. There is a built in search engine to search through the articles for matching keywords and phrases. This option can be enabled at any time at the 'flick of a switch'. Just nice to know it's there.

The magnet4web site has been a huge success. Site site is accessed by many thousands of visitors on a regular basis and new contacts are being made worldwide as a direct result of the new more welcoming site. This is helped by the site directory and the articles which can be found on the site...

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