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Something Blue – Subaru BRZ (BabyScoob)

Adopted a new addition to the Subaru family recently.

Here are a few photos that were taken yesterday with #BabyScoob from different angles.

Lots of nice little design details on this thing particularly like the F1-inspired Fog light (F1 Rain light?) at the bottom below the rear bumper.

Last of a breed really with us entering the age of electrically powered vehicles. In my eyes it’s a sort of “hybrid” as Subaru builds them but with a couple of bits of input from Toyota πŸ™‚ (Couple of engine tweaks to fuelling and possibly gearbox)

May just be one of the last true ICE driver’s cars you’ll get. Certainly one of the most affordable!

Possibly a bit of a unicorn car with hardly any of them around, particularly in this part of the world! and with no sign of the 2nd generation BRZ being able to be sold in the UK due to EU regulations.

Moray Sports Centre Field of Hope

The Local Daffodil Field of Hope Plantathon at the Moray Sports Centre is starting to gain momentum!

I’ve just bought 450 Daffodil bulbs from the supermarket. I believe the Moray Sports Center has also managed to get a donation of 400 bulbs from Decora this week! Thank you!

If anyone knows of a local business that would like to donate further bulbs please get in touch with the groundsman Barry Sweeney (Baz) at the Moray Sports Center at Linkwood, or myself!

Last year we were a little late in the season for planting (end November) but this year we can start much earlier! Despite the semi-frozen ground last year, we were still able to make an impression! (see photos below)

We are looking to continue the efforts and cover that entire area in daffodils in aid of Marie Curie UK who’s local nurses helped me and Gillian’s close family when we needed it the most, just over 12 months ago

If anyone is feeling the need to get outdoors in the next couple of months and get some planting done, we are also looking for volunteers to help plant all these bulbs in the ground!


One year ago today…

One year ago to the day, we lost Gillian to cancer. Life will never be the same.

I’m simply sharing this beautiful acoustic cover of the late Avicii’s (Tim Bergling) – Without You… (NSFW – Appropriately Includes F word a couple of times.).

The soundtrack to my life for the last 365 days


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