Subaru doing what Subarus do best today! Transporting family to get their Covid-19 vaccine in poor road conditions! My 2014 Subaru XV/Crosstrek 2.0 Diesel On the way home, pulled into the side of the snowdrifts a couple of times to allow other cars to pass, and continued to drive out…

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Been plotting again..Have been wanting to make some kick plates for the XV for ages. Finally got round to bringing the plotter and leftover vinyl down from the loft. Ok.. I admit it, it was a hot day and i went up there for a fan. Spotted the plotter in…

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New boots, please!

Great service from McConechys Elgin this morning. Couple new tyres fitted on the XV with additional tyre swap in order to keep new tyres on the front rather than just one side of the car (y) Good friendly service!. And authorised fitter for #Subaru #XV #Tyres #AllSeason #Michelin #CrossClimate Quick Cuppa while waiting for tyres to…

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