After some humming and haying on the location.. decided to go for replacing the fogs… Other main option was up by the front grille. but few things put me off that..

1. Disturbing the airflow for the scoop

2. Getting a SOLID securing point

3. Location (along with supertones) would block a LOT of air from getting ot the top of the radiator

4. Would require all new wiring.. Was doable but not worth the hassle especially when 90% of the wiring exists.

First step was to get the fog light swich only activating the fog circuit when the full headlights were on (in order to make it legal) I spent ages ripping the front dahboard to bits (both sides) trying to find the bleedin relay for the full beam.. Could I find it? No.. Peed off, decided the next day just to take the feed off the blue full beam lamp on the dashboard.. No ideal, but it’ll do the job.. So got that wired up and tested with the fogs in place.. Worked first time WoohoO!

Second step was the wiring to the driving lamps.. Ideally wanted to keep existing connectors to they coulg be swappable but a dealers wanted £35+vat per connector! Sod that!! So got some cheaper waterproof connectors and put a join in the loom just before the fog connector so the lights can still be swapped quickly while keeping existing wiring 

Next step.. Brackets.. wasn’t too bad.. Got inspiration from other piccies on the net and went for a copied design.. However put a full back plate on with a gap for the cable to pop through.. before painting the whole lot black (paint was still a bit tacky when installed but shouldn’t cause any damage to the plastics..)

Almost looks like a professional job


The hella 500FF lamp in place.. WIth a set of Philips Blue Vision bulbs for as much light as possible without upping the wattage…


I have to admit the lamps do look a little cockeyed.. But it’s just an illusion with the curveyness of the bugeye.. They are pointing straight ahead.. Does look a bit silly but it’s right enough..

And finally:


That’s generally 330watts of light power.. Infact with the HiD’s (which are said to give 3-4 time the light output) thats effectively over 550watts of light. Yeow! Just got these installed today so havent had a change to try them in the dark yet… Cant wait :(

The covers look a bit iffy IMHO but necessary as I don’t fancy breaking one of these things I have to get them from the US again..