1 set of stickers cost £10

 *** After three years, I have decided to bring and end to the sale of these stickers. ***

Thankyou to everyone who has purchased these stickers over that time 
and helped to raise funds for the McRae Vision Charity

Total funds raised for the McRae Vision Charity – £1,395 !!!

Welcome! This is home of the Rally Car Style Colin McRae Tribute sticker. There are other styles of tribute stickers available but this one has been specifically designed to show your appreciation for Colin McRae and the influence he had one many of our lives! * Please read the information below carefully before ordering so you know what you will receive.

I put together this design after discussions on the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club forums about what to do in rememberance for the death of Colin McRae. I cut out the design, stuck it on my car and put some photos on the net. It was instantly accepted by the majority! And before I knew it popularity and word of this tribute was spreading like wildfire across the net and people wanted to buy them! I’ve had requests coming in from all over asking for these stickers and not just from Subaru Impreza owners!

It’s worth noting that despite early orders , this is the main design that was featured on many Imprezas in Lanark of the day of Colin McRae’s public service. A great tribute, to an even greater man!

Cost & Donation to Charity

The stickers are available for £10 for a pair postage and packing covered in the cost, 1st class mail. That’s one for each side of the vehicle (Unless anyone just wants one.) with £6 being donated to relevant charities

Payments can be made via Paypalcheque or cash if local. You can make payment at the bottom of this page, but please read the following instructions so you understand what your will be getting and know how to apply them do your car correctly..

The Colin McRae Rally Car Tribute Sticker

Stickers will look like this when put together properly. (Ignore the grey background that’s just there to show the white colour)

Size: 305mm x 55mm (Approx) 
Other sizes could be available on special request
These are designed to be applied on the outside of the car either on the glass or bodywork.

(Internal glass ones could be made up on special request but applying can be tricky. (see below))

What you’ll receive

Before you start make sure it’s not raining or excessively cold and have a dry clean surface to apply to, no grease/oily stuff or grit on the surface.

You will receive 4 parts. Two parts for each side, a white section and the blue bits for the flag.

First part you’ll have the white section:

Peel the backing off gently and make sure the white vinyl sticks to the masking tape type stuff. 
Line up where you want the sticker to go. then press out any air bubbles from the inside out (centre to left..then centre to right) using a squeegee a credit card or possibly the SIDC membership card will do 

Once firmly stuck down peen back the masking tape to hopefully it’s all stuck to the car! if not gently place the masking tape stuff (application tape) back inline and press down any parts which weren’t’t sticking (This normally wont happen if the surface is cleaned properly before hand.

Next step is to create the flag.

Same as before peel back the backing stuff. But this time try and align the triangles of the flag perfectly with the white square, note there should be about a 1mm white outline, the triangles will fit inside the white box. 
Don’t apply pressure onto the blue sections with a squeegee thing until your sure it’s in the right place.. You should be able to align the blue triangles several times to get it right as long as you don’t press it down on the surface. 
Once your happy with the position apply pressure over the flag using the squeegee /card to remove any bubbles and make sure the whole lot is stuck.
Once again peel back the application tape and viola you should have something looking similar to this (without all the extra crap underneath)

Internal application Note: the reason these are made up for external application is because in putting them on the inside you’d need to put the blue flag section on first then the white and as you can imagine it’s not so easy to line up, but if anyone is willing to have a go I can get internal ones made up. Just don’t go blaming me if it doesn’t look right

Payment & Donation

Sorry, After three years, I have decided to end the sale of the Colin McRae Tribute stickers. During that time the stickers have been delivered to countries all across the globe, resulting in £1,395 being raised for the McRae Vision Chairty.

Many thanks for your order and support.

Alan Addison, scouk.net