Always liked the idea of re-painting the standard badge…

The pink one was getting the odd strange comments along with the vinyl one not looking as good as the standard badge due to the flat stars, the standard badge is more 3D.

Was toying with the idea of doing either the Scottish saltire (copied from Higgy) or just try colour coded in red mica. Ended up deciding to go for the red mica. So on a rainy morning, dug out my old badge and set to work sanding off the backing with some wet n’ dry paper:


When cleaned off all the black. Gave it a quick polish to remove 90% of the fine scratches and gave it a quick wipe over with meths to clean the surface of chemicals before painting.


Took about 3-4 light coats of paint, and here’s the finsihed product along side an origonal badge


Final Product… Lookin good!  . o O (even if i do say so myself)


Finally all fitted.. From a distance it’s toned down the front, but the super tones behind the grille make up for it