Well first off got the 4300k kit from a group buy from car forum. Good quality kit with a much thinner ballast than normal kits making it easy to fit to a sensible place!

Easy enough to wire up… Had to cut a larger hole in the back of the housing cap to fit the connectors through but not much of a problem everything is pretty much plug n play.

Installed the ballast in a sensible place using sticky pads (sort used to hold rear view mirrors on.. It aint going anywhere!)


Some piccies in daylight…


I was really skeptical about how much of an improvement HID’s make… But after seeing OxBig1 with the HiD kit at the last meet It was pretty obvious as how much much crisper the light is over standard lighting.. Even with the Xenon style bulbs I have fitted.

Sorry no pics of night time yet, but it’s made a HUGE difference.. I’ve heard people say you don’t need full beam with Hid’s on dipped.. well that’s tosh! Yes they are very bright and such a wide field of view, but they are dipped.. and therefore should be pointing at the ground some distance ahead.. so as not to dazzle on coming road users, so you do still need high beam to the longer distance.. With both on, things are pretty bright now and can see so much more of the short/mid range of the road..

UPDATE : I later ditched the HiD’s and wen’t back to good quality halogen bulbs.. Why? The HID’s just weren’t reliable enough.. Had a few issues with the ballasts over time. Issues with flickering etc. Replacement ballasts a few times with different versions. Flickering stopped with the larger style ballasts but sill issue where bulbs would switch off sometimes when indicator was cancelled! Think it was having a brief blip in signal cause the ballasts to stall as power was still getting to them but bulbs wouldn’t illuminate without switching headlights off then on again.. Not great at night or during winter Major safety issue!. So ditched the set-up and went back to standard quality bulbs.