Right now time for something a little different. In keeping with the idea of modernising the bugeye. Something which just about every modern car has is parking sensors. Well I already had the rear view camera installed a few years back which kinda works..

Not really a fan seeing parking sensors installed in to bumpers as it’s spoils the design flow a bit. One day realised that the HT Auto’s rear diffuser had 4 Vertical struts which just so happened to be about the right size for parking sensors.. hee hee… So cheap-ish kit from ebay and set to work..


First thing, drill the holes in the rear diffuser…


No going back now!


And there we have it!


Fed the wires up into the boot and mounted the control box over behind the boot trim out of sight. Then mounted the sensor bar next in the center of the rear parcel shelf so it can easily be seen by looking over your shoulder to in the rear view mirror! Naturally all wires are hidden behind bit of trim to make it fit in and not look out of place!

Works surprisingly well!


Only problem I’ve had is the outer sensor next to the exhaust has a hissy fit with the exhaust fumes and often detect something very close when it’s just the exhaust gases in a cold day.. But disconnected that sensor for now and all is well. Ok so it’s not 100% but it does the job. And I can park so it’s more of a nice additional feature to the car! Subtle and well hidden too IMHO!