This is me, Alan Addison. A qualified Computer Scientist, System Analyst, with a background in Mechanical and Electrical engineering. Tend to describe myself as an all-round Tech and Gadget Geek. But we’re talking old skool here, before being a geek was considered ‘cool’.

This website has been around for many years in many different guises over the years to promote some of the things which interest me. I guess it was a blog before the term ‘blog’ was even a thing!

I started my online presence way back in 1999 when I got round to getting my own domain name and put together my own website. Back then everything had to be done manually. There was no tools or fancy platforms to get you going. You wanted to put something online, you had to write the code yourself to do it, from the ground up, and that’s what I did while studying Computer Science at Uni. I’m not the sort of person to stand still. Absolute hate the idea. Got to be working, tinkering/pottering with something to keep me busy.

Today I spend most of my spare time, maintaining, detailing and tuning cars. Something I can get my hands dirty with and constantly challenged to problem solve issues and come up with solutions and see those solutions implemented.

One of my main achievements with this was tuning my own UK 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX. The standard cars was already a respectable machine but I always felt it had more to give. All the work on the car was done by myself. All the way from installing options/aftermarket parts including suspension components and alignment configuration, through to remapping the ECU to with my own tailored map to get it responding. IT’s something which really brought all my skills together and focussed on one project.

Today there’s still much to learn, and always looking for ways to inspire my life.

Never sit still, always look to the future but learn from the past and keep challenging yourself. That’s what life is all about. It’s a great world out there with many wonders. Many of which you will find right on your doorstep. #SaluteLaFamilia