The Age of A.I. on YouTube

Slowly working my way through “The age of AI” YouTube series.
Just watched episode 2 which is quite a powerful one. The fact that Tony Stark (Sorry, Robert Downey Jr.) Narrates this show isn’t creepy at all. In fact it’s very fitting.

By far one of the best tech documentaries I’ve seen in a long time.

As a Computer Scientist I’m really interested in seeing technology being used to help us in everyday life. The idea of taking data and applying algorithms to create software systems and machine learning to help humanity is what I enjoy.

Forget the scaremongering of media and Hollywood about computers taking over the world. This series takes us the real use of technology to help us, rather than rule us.

Real technology is not about getting more likes or subscriptions on social media Or even how many cameras you can fit on a mobile phone.
This series relates to my view of technology in that it’s not for showing off, but rather it’s for helping us get through everyday lives that little bit easier.. Which is my the majority of tech in my home is hidden away yet accessible at anytime, anywhere. It’s here, not to take over our lives, but rather it’s there to help us improve research, health and well being.

We hear so much about the big tech companies stealing and storing data. Those naughty tech companies! But these big companies are the ones leading or supporting some amazing research projects happening behind the scenes that the majority of people never see or hear of. These companies are in fact using technology to help improve our way of life. This is a side we rarely hear about. All we seem to hear about is the nasty data collectors.

I trust the technology. I just wish it was maybe a little more predictable and reliable at times 🙂 But it’s still light-years ahead of where it was 50, 25 or even 5 years ago!