2019 Subaru Crosstrek/XV PHEV

Interesting review of the phev xv/crosstrek. Bad points for me? Quite a bit of boot space lost :( and no flappy paddle to manually override the CVT. Would want that for the b roads. Other bad point, so far at least, is no turbo option. Just 2.0 normally aspirated. Still want to…

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The Weekend Office

Too much to do and so little time..  Brake lines on the focus now all replaced! Now just need to sort out the arches and part of the sills.  Sound familiar? Yep, the same sort of repair that's required on the Impreza. Although the Impreza a little worse under the…

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Toyota Mirai Spotted

Spotted this strange machine earlier. Looks wise not entirely pretty but the Hydrogen Fuel Cell badge on the back caught my attention! Toyota Mirai. I still say this is the future of motoring out of the city as opposed to all electric!. Interesting to see it in this part of…

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