Cancer is still the big ‘C’

Cancer is still the big ‘C’

Woke up this morning to the sad news that Sabine Schmitz (Queen of the Nürburgring) has lost her battle with cancer.

Another good one taken from us far too soon at the hands of Cancer. Just 6 months and one day after loosing my Gillian to cancer.

I really hope when all this nonsense is over that the resources used to tackle covid get transferred to tackling cancer, but I bet they won’t!!!

Cancer is still the bigger C word taking more lives in the UK than Covid! That’s right, covid is just a flash in the pan. Cancer has been around much longer and will continue to be here, killing people and disrupting families long after covid is dealt with!

We may never know how many cancer deaths occurred across 2020/21 due to cancelled or postponed treatment that was later declared a covid death!

I was due to start chemotherapy treatment a year ago in March 2020 but never got it due to the appointment being cancelled as we went into lockdown. Fortunately, I have been getting tests every 6 months or so, and so far all clear.

Each year In the UK, Cancer takes more lives than covid!

Think about that! Please, if you notice any new lumps, strange bleeding, anything odd or sudden changes in your body get yourself checked! Speaking from personal experience get checked early!…

So far I’m surviving cancer but so many each year don’t!


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